Western Finishes Classic Color Collection

The Western Finishes Classic Color Collection chart from Western Blended Products displays 40 standard colors of the WBP Color system.

All colors are available for Exterior Stucco Finish, Premium Acrylic Finish and Fenestra Interior Finish.

Both Exterior Stucco and PAF require color packs to be combined with the proper bases to achieve the selected color.  Under each color chip you will find a letter and number for the color pack: “S” represents Exterior Stucco and “P” represents Premium Acrylic Finish (PAF).  Next to the letter and number, the correct base will be identified. Exterior Stucco uses bases designated A or B, PAF uses bases designated Light or Dark.  

Colors are available in a base and color pak system for field mixing - or the bases can be integrally mixed with color at our facilities.  Special color matching services are also available for all finishes. Please check with participating plants for more information.

Colors are represented for web view below. Always use a physical color chart or a sample provided from Western Blended Products prior to approval. Do not print this page for color approval purposes.


Cost: $3.00/each

S-1: Base A
P-1: Light Base

Western White

S-8: Base A
P-8: Light Base


S-102: Base A
P-102: Light Base


S-67: Base A
P-67: Light Base


S-232: Base B
P-232: Light Base

Terra Cotta

S-5: Base B
P-5: Dark Base

Venetian Stone

S-486: Base A
P-486: Light Base


S-816: Base A
P-816: Light Base


S-3: Base B
P-3: Light Base


S-273: Base A
P-273: Light Base

Spanish White

S-9: Base B
P-9: Dark Base

Taupe Wood

S-943: Base B
P-943: Light Base


S-995: Base B
P-995: Light Base


S-716: Base A
P-716: Light Base


S-252: Base A
P-252: Light Base


S-5127: Base B
P-5127: Light Base

El Dorado Tan

S-338: Base A
P-338: Dark Base


S-234: Base A
P-234: Light Base

Aqua Mist

S-949: Base B
P-949: Light Base


S-2: Base B
P-2: Light Base


S-458: Base B
P-458: Light Base


S-13: Base A
P-13: Light Base

Sahara Tan

S-128: Base B
P-128: Light Base

Spanish Olive

S-5117: Base B
P-5117: Light Base

Onion Skin

S-490: Base A
P-490: Light Base

Desert Gold

S-947: Base B
P-947: Light Base

Stone Age

S-70: Base B
P-70: Light Base

Blue Haze

S-655: Base A
P-655: Light Base


S-206: Base B
P-206: Light Base


S-98: Base B
P-98: Light Base

Desert Rose

S-10: Base B
P-10: Light Base

Cobble Brown

S-7: Base B
P-7: Light Base


S-946: Base B
P-946: Light Base


S-976: Base B
P-976: Light Base


S-924: Base B
P-924: Light Base


S-420: Base B
P-420: Light Base

Coffee Accent

S-5111: Base B
P-5111: Light Base

Brown Bag

S-5115: Base B
P-5115: Light Base


S-20: Base A
P-20: Light Base


S-948: Base B
P-948: Light Base


Colors represented are approximate and for web viewing purposes only. Application methods and climatic conditions and choice of texture could also affect the final color. Always request a sample from Western Blended Products prior to final approval