Whitecap Bonding Agent Contractor Strength
Whitecap Contractor Strength is a vinyl acetate homopolymer bonding agent used for adhesion between portland cement surfaces.  Use of Whitecap Contractor Strength is appropriate for new or existing concrete, stucco and masonry construction.

The product is available in 1 gallon / 3.8 liter and 5 gallon / 18.9 liter.

Whitecap Contractor Strength is nontoxic, nonflammable, and freeze / thaw stable.  
It cleans up easily.

When rolled on surfaces as an adhesive Whitecap Contractor Strength will cover approximately 300 square feet.

Application / Surface Bonding Agent:

 The porosity of the surface will affect the coverage. Apply new concrete, masonry mortar or stucco when Whitecap Contractor Strength is tacky to the touch. Avoid application over bonder that has dried. Reapply Whitecap Contractor Strength to areas that have dried.  Weather conditions may cause drying at a more rapid rate, requiring faster application of concrete, masonry mortar or stucco.

Do not apply cement mortars in temperatures below 50°F / 10°C or when temperatures are expected to drop below 40°F / 50°C in the following 48 hour period.  

Whitecap Contractor Strength will freeze at temperatures below 32°F / 0°C.  In case of freezing, let thaw slowly at room temperature for several days.  Mix thoroughly before using.

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