Blackcap Concentrate

Blackcap Concentrate is an acrylic latex admixture used for concrete, stucco and masonry construction.  Blackcap may be used in cement mortars to provide increased strength and resiliency.  When applied as a surface bonder, Blackcap provides a structural bond for stucco, gypsum and acoustic materials.  Blackcap may be applied to new or existing stucco, concrete, concrete block, tile or gypsum bases. 

The product is available in 1 gallon / 3.8 liter and 55 gallon / 208 liter packaging.  Equal parts of water and concentrate may be mixed prior to application.

Blackcap is nontoxic, nonflammable, and freeze / thaw stable. 
It cleans up easily.
For surface applied applications Blackcap may be cut 50% with water making it very economical to use.

Application / Admixture:
When used as an integral part of the mixture, Blackcap assists in curing cement mortars, and reducing cracking related to shrinkage.  As an additive it provides a strong flexible mortar with excellent adhesion.  To achieve optimum results, add 1 gallon / 3.8 liters of undiluted Blackcap Concentrate to each 94 lb. / 42.6 kg sack of cement.

Application / Surface Bonding Agent:
Clean all surfaces to be treated of grease, dust, loose materials and other contaminants. Apply Blackcap with brush, roller or spray.  Apply new cement mortar when Blackcap is tacky to the touch.  Avoid application of new mortar over bonder that has dried.  Reapply to areas that have dried.  Weather conditions may cause drying at a more rapid rate, requiring faster application of new mortar. 

Coverage for surface application:
Each 94lb. / 3.8 liter of Blackcap covers approximately 300 sq. ft. / 27.8 sq. meters. Do not cover a larger area then can be coated and topped while the bonder is tacky.

Do not apply cement mortars in temperatures below 10°C or when temperatures are expected to drop below 5°C in the following 48-hour period. 

Blackcap Concentrate will freeze at temperatures below 0°C.  In case of freezing, let thaw slowly at room temperature for several days.  Mix thoroughly before using.