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System: WES EIFS 24

An energy efficient & impact resistant Exterior Insulation Finishing System with moisture drainage for residential & conventional buildings.

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System Information

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System description:
Western Exterior Systems (WES) EIFS 24 is a durable, energy efficient Exterior Insulation Finishing System with High envelope R-Values that improve the building’s energy efficiency. The WES EIFS 24 System is an impact-resistant, moisture drainage system for residential and commercial applications compliant with energy requirements for continuous insulation (CI) and Title 24 regulations. WES EIFS 24 Systems are cost-effective,  have a less environmental impact compared with other common claddings, and may contribute towards LEED Credits depending on the project design and location. WES EIFS 24 Systems offer a variety of colored finishes and textures  suitable for any architectural style.


Systems Recognition:
WES EIFS 24 has been evaluated for use as an exterior, non-bearing, insulation and wall finishes in compliance with IBC Section 1408 and IRC Section R703.9 over exterior walls. The EIFS system has been evaluated for structural strength, weather resistance, water-resisistive barrier, water drainage, surface burning characteristics, ignition resistance, noncombustible construction, fire-resistance-rated construction and use in Types I, II, III ,IV and V construction as applicable. Consult the latest Evaluation Report for further details.


System Components.
WES EIFS 24  systems may consist of following components:


  • An approved substrate. Consult the latest WES EIFS 24 Evaluation Report and System Specifications for approved substrate options.

  • A Weather Guard liquid or textured applied water-resistive barrier.  A proprietary non-cementitious, polymer based water resistive coating. Consult the latest WES EIFS 24 Evaluation Report for more information.

  • A Weather Flash System. A proprietary liquid applied flashing membrane for sealing windows, doors and other wall penetrations. 

  • A Drainage Strip. The drainage track shall  be polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with weep holes.

  • A BPS 24 cementitious adhesive. A proprietary cementitious, polymer based adhesive and basecoat applied over the prepared substrate with a notched trowel to create drainage grooves. Consult the latest WES EIFS 24 Evaluation Report for more information.

  • A continuous Insulation Foam Board. (EPS) foam plastic insulation boards shall comply with ASTM C578, Type I, and ASTM E2430 and tested in accordance with ASTM E84 or UL23 and must be produced by a manufacturer who participates in an approved third-party quality assurance program.

  • A BPS 24, Skim Coat with embedded fibermesh. BPS 24 must be applied in a thickness greater than that of the reinforcing fabric mesh used (approximately 3/32” for standard mesh). The reinforcing fabric is immediately embedded into the wet mixture.

  • A High-Impact BPS 24, Skim Coat with embedded panzer fibermesh (optional). BPS 24 must be applied in a thickness greater than that of the reinforcing fabric mesh used. The reinforcing fabric is immediately embedded into the wet mixture.

  • A PAF Primer Coat (optional).  PAF primer may be tinted to match the desired finish.

  • A Finish Coat. Acceptable finishes for WES EIFS 24 Systems include Western Blended Products (WBP), WBP Premium Acrylic Finishes (PAF) e2, and PAF Specialty Finishes.


System Overview:
The WES EIFS 24 System typically consists of an approved substrate which is properly prepared with a Weather Guard - a water resistive barrier coating - available in liquid, textured or sprayed presentation. Windows, doors and other wall openings are then prepared with a Weather Flash System, which is a liquid membrane specially designed to seal and protect wall openings as a continuity of the water-resistive barrier. A drainage strip is then installed at the bottom of the system to allow for water to exit the system. BPS 24 is then applied as an adhesive coating, applied with a notched trowel to create drainage grooves as part of the water management system, and in order to receive and attach the continuous insulation foam board, which is the integral component of the energy efficient system. A BPS 24 skim coat with embedded fibermesh is then applied over the foam board as part of the impact resistant system. A second later of BPS 24 with panzer fibermesh may be installed as part of a High-Impact resistant system. An optional PAF Primer coat is recommended to be applied prior to the installation of the desired finish coat. A finish coating of PAF e2 or PAF Specialty Finish is installed over the BPS 24 basecoat to complete the system installation.


System Limitations and Requirements:

  • Ensure the following is taking place before the application of the system components: 

  • All components must be installed per code requirements.

  • Wood-based sheathing shall be gapped 1/4” to allow for expansion.

  • Substrates are structurally sound, free of loose materials, voids, projections or other conditions that may interfere with the installation of the components.

  • Substrates are dry, clean, free of oils, grease, efflorescence, or other liquid or solid debris.

  • There are no projections or planar irregularities greater than 1/4” within any 4' radius in the substrate.

  • Masonry or Concrete surfaces are sealed or prepared with a bonding agent prior to the application of any basecoat.

  • All penetrations & openings are properly flashed.

  • All components are stored above ground under optimal conditions, or if stored outdoors, shall be adequately covered to keep dry.

  • Components shall be installed as instructed by the manufacturer and must be in compliance with the latest Evaluation report and stated references (if applicable).

  • Components shall not be installed when surface or ambient temperatures are at or below 40°F / 4.4°C or above 100°F / 34°C. 

  • Cementitious components require a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours moist curing. Environmental conditions such a heat, wind and low humidity will require additional curing.

  • Protect all installed components from freezing and inclement weather until dry.

  • Consult the latest existing codes & regulations prior to the installation of any WBP System assembly.


System Assembly Options and Warranties:
All Approved WES EIFS 24 System Assemblies are warranted for a period of 10 Years after completion of the project. See warranty attached in the WES EIFS 24 Tech Sheet.