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A few projects built with Western Blended Products. Get some ideas on colors schemes and structures from these buildings. Contact us to submit your own project and have it featured in this section.

Exterior Stucco Finish. Fresno, CA.

System: Western 1-Kote.

Finish Coat: Base A Smooth.

Color: 273 - Spanish White (WBP)

Texture Style: Cat Face

Contractor: E&A Plastering

Builder: Raven Custom Homes.

Finish Product + Texture

273. Spanish White. Base A. LB. LRV 66.6
Colors & Textures Gallery.png
Base A Stucco Finish.png

Fenestra Old World Finish. Sacramento, CA.

System: California One-Kote Interior

Finish Coat: Fenestra Old World Finish.

Color: 232 - Terra Cota - Waxed (WBP)

Texture: Standard Smooth.

Contractor: Bill Plumb Plastering

Colors & Textures Gallery.png
232 accent 273.jpg

Finish Product + Texture


Premium Acryilc Finish. Fresno, CA.

System: Western 1-Kote

Finish Coat: PAF Plus

Color: Custom

Texture: Super Fine

Contractor: Golden State Plastering

Builder: Gary McDonald

Colors & Textures Gallery.png
252. Tapioca. Base A. LB. LRV 71.13

Finish Product + Texture

Acrylic Pail Plus.png
Super Fine.png