Choose from a variety of Stucco Assemblies & EIFS Systems for both Residential and Commercial buildings. Crack Resistant Systems and multi-year system warranties are available. 



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Western 1-Kote



Western 1-Kote Exterior Stucco Systems are complete stucco assemblies for residential and commercial buildings. All W1K Systems are code compliant stucco assemblies that may be installed over open framing or various approved sheathing surfaces. Some of these assemblies provide improved energy efficiency and higher R-Values when combined with an approved continuous insulation board component. W1K Systems are impact resistant, and may be installed as a conventional system coating (scratch & brown) coats complying with ASTM C926. Fire resistant assemblies are available. Consult the latest Western 1-Kote Evaluation Report for further details. Systems options and available multi-year warranties are available. Download the System Tech Sheet for more information. 

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Western Blended Products (WBP) Conventional Exterior Stucco Systems are traditional stucco system assemblies for residential & commercial buildings. WBP Conventional systems are typically applied in a three-coat style (scratch & brown + finish), in which a cementitious basecoat such as Western 1-Kote, Top Gun Premium Plaster or Insulite Lightweight Stucco, is applied in a 3/8” thick layer (scratch), creating a mechanical key for the second 3/8” thick layer (brown) in order to receive the final 1/8” thick layer of Exterior Stucco Finish or Premium Acrylic Finish (finish). Systems options and available multi-year warranties are available. Download the System Tech Sheet for more information. 

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Crack Resistant


Western Blended Products (WBP) Crack Resistant Exterior Stucco Systems (CRS) are a skim coating stucco system assembly consisting on a layer of BPS Kote with embedded fibermesh which is is designed to reduce surface cracking. The CRS System may be included in any 1-Kote or Conventional system assembly Western Blended Products offer for both commercial and residential projects. See warranty documentation for 1-Kote & WBP Conventional Systems for more information. All available WBP 1-Kote & WBP Conventional System Assemblies which include the Crack Resistant Systems are listed in the system documentation. Consult the 1-Kote System & WBP Conventional System Warranties documents for more information.