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WES EIFS 24 Installation Details

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WES EIFS 24 - All Drawings
Impact Resistance
Weather Barrier Application
Corner Installation
Grade Termination
Grade Termination - Concrete
Fibermesh Installation
Window Installation
Wood Frame Deck
Waterproof Deck
Parapet Wall Intersection
Parapet Cap Flashing
Sloped Roof Termination
Soffit Fascia Termination
Soffit Vent Termination
Slip Joint Termination
Horizontal Plaster & Wood
Horizontal Joint & Veneer
Vertical Through Wall Expansion
Vertical Expansion Joint
Vertical Expansion Recessed
Vertical Veneer Stone
EPS Shape Terminations
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Western 1-Kote System Details

Door Openings
Window Openings & Flashing
Corner Termination
Termination at Window With Integral
Brick Termination With Metal Drip
Over CMU Block
Termination at Foundation With Casin
Stone Termination With Casing & Meta
Window Termination With Veneer Stone
Typical Parapet
Wood-Based Panels and Foam Plastic
No Foam Plastic Insulation
Unbacked Foam Plastic
One Hour Firewall 1
One Hour Firewall 2
One Hour Firewall 3
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Western 1-Kote System Warranties

Standard - 3 Year
Insulated - 3 Year
Standard SND - 5 Year
Insulated SND - 5 Year
Standard SND - CRS - 7 Year
Insulated SND - CRS - 7 Year
Standard Premium - 10 Year
Insulated Premium - 10 Year
Standard Premium - 15 Year
Insulated Premium - 15 Year
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WBP Conventional System Warranties

Conventional Standard 3 Year
Conventional SND 5 Year
Conventional SND - CRS 7 Year
Conventional Premium - CRS 10 Year
Conventional Premium - CRS 15 Year
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