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We have a variety of Colors & Textures for Exterior & Interior Finishes, as well as custom color matching services. Choose from Exterior Stucco Finishes, Acrylic Finishes & Gypsum Interior Finishes. Your options are limitless with our color matching services. 

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WBP Classic Color Collection

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The Western Blended Products Classic Color Collection Chart displays 42 standard colors as well as a PAF Specialty Finishes Color Selection. All standard colors are available for Exterior Stucco Finish, Premium Acrylic Finish (PAF) & California One-Kote Interior. Both standard & custom colors require color packs to be combined with the proper bases to achieve the selected color. Exterior Stucco uses bases designated A or B, PAF uses bases designated Light or Dark. Standard & Custom colors are available in a base and color pak system for field mixing, or the bases can be integrally mixed with color at our facilities.  Special color matching services are also available for all finishes. Please check with participating plants for more information. Colors are represented for web view below. Always use a physical color chart or a sample provided from Western Blended Products prior to approval. Do not print any file from this page for color approval purposes. 

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Classic Color Collection

Exterior Stucco Finish, Premium Acrylic Finish & Gypsum Finishes Classic Color Collection

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Stucco Exterior Base


Premium Acrylic Finish Base

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PAF Specialty Finish - Nova Stone

Nova Stone Colors

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Nova Stone incorporates a cohesive blend of natural aggregate materials. This new addition to Western Blended Products creates the seamless look of granite but spreads like the traditional PAF. Nova Stone is a blend of naturally occurring organic materials including: visible quartz, mica chips, and other minerals, combined in a variety of ways for unique colors and finishes. Like other plaster products, Nova Stone may be applied to any surface by hand trowel. Nova Stone provides the aesthetic look of granite without the extensive weight or cost. 

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Classic Color Collection

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Vera Stone Color Selection

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Vera Mist Color Selection