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Mobile Power Auger System (MPAS) 

A Silo Mixing System designed to improve productivity & efficiency by reducing mixing times by 50% at the job site. Great for commercial and residential projects with limited work space.

Product Information

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  • Dramatically Improve labor efficiency.

  • Convenient product mixing on job site. 

Available products :

  • Western 1-Kote

  • Top Gun Premium

  • Exterior Stucco Finish

System Overview:
The Western Blended Products Mobile Power Auger System (MPAS) is designed with the concept of improving the job site productivity flow through environmentally friendly packaging, manufacturer controlled formulations and enhanced mixing processes without the rigorous and problematic field mixing combined with the common hassle of manual handling of materials. The MPAS Silo System is a great solution for the mixing and handling of factory prepared bulk materials for commercial and residential projects. 


System Benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness per product.

  • Mixing efficiency improved by up to 50%.

  • Overall reduced labor costs.

  • Ideal for Commercial & Residential projects.

  • Easily handled with a forklift.

  • Materials & Equipment in the same delivery.

  • Perfect for job sites with a reduced workspace.


Available products:
The following products are available for

use with MPAS Units:

  • Western 1-Kote Sanded

  • Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded

  • Sanded Top Gun Premium Plaster

  • Paint Base – All Textures

  • Spanish Texture

  • Base A – All Textures

  • Base B – All Textures


Product Packaging: 
All products used in the MPAS Silo System are packaged in 3000 Lb Bulk Bags.


Loading & Staging:
Western Blended Products will deliver the MPAS unit to the job site and unload the unit. These units are furnished in accordance with the contractor using products branded and supplied by Western Blended Products.  The process of staging the unit is completely at the contractor's discretion. Upon staging the unit Western Blended Products has provided 4 plates that are located on the side of the unit. These plates are to be placed under the legs/feet of the unit for better stability on job sites such as muddy conditions. Each silo is equipped with adjustable legs. MPAS units are not to be loaded or unloaded with material in them. Units must be emptied for safe transport around the job sites. 


Equipment Overview:
The MPAS unit is operated by a Honda Generator, which provides the necessary power to the hydraulic system to power up the system augers, which are the essential components to feed the mixer. The MPAS unit is equipped with a 5” discharge tube. The control valve that operates these augers is located on the discharge side of the unit. The MPAS unit is equipped with a forward and a neutral position. 


All MPAS units are also equipped with a variable speed control switch, which allows the operator to run the unit at the speed that they are comfortable with. This will either decrease or increase the flow of material to the augers, depending on the scenario. 


MPAS units are also equipped with a SpeedAire air compressor, this supplies the air to 2 air actuated vibrators located on the sides of the unit. This is to ensure maximum flow of material is obtained and no bridging of material can occur. The valve for this function is located in the operator station of the unit.
Preparation and Handling:
Upon placing material in the unit, first, make sure the filter bag (supplied) is covering the opposite end. This is to capture any fugitive dust particles that may escape while filling the unit. Also, ensure that any inspection plates or access doors are closed. This is to prevent any unnecessary spillage of product. When finished using the unit for the day both hatches on the top of the unit should be closed, this is to preserve the material left after daily use and ensure that it does not become contaminated or wet from rain or heavy dew. Once the MPAS unit is filled, it is necessary to check all fluids in the generator and compressor. After this exercise is complete you may start each unit so it can properly warm up. Cold starts create excessive wear on hydraulic components and could result in catastrophic failure of the equipment. If at any time your unit does not start or function properly please contact your nearest Western Blended Products location for repairs and maintenance. 


MPAS Unit Operation:
Please refer to the MPAS unit operation manual (OEM).


Pickup Process:
Units are delivered to job sites clean and free of excessive debris. Upon finishing the project, it is the contractor's sole responsibility to ensure it is returned in the same manner in which it was delivered. Western Blended Products will not pick up an MPAS unit if it has material inside of it and if it has not been cleaned and ready for safe transport. Additional charges may apply if the unit is damaged and not ready for transportation upon pickup request.  Any damage caused to the unit while in the possession of the contractor will be repaired at the contractor's expense.


Western Blended Products ensures the MPAS System will perform as intended, however, the dependability of the Western Blended Products MPAS System will depend entirely upon the service and care that it receives during daily usage. In order to aid you with proper care of the machine, the operation manual & maintenance schedule will be listed on the Operator Equipment Manual (OEM). The OEM should be read carefully and followed by those who will be responsible for operating the MPAS Unit. Western Blended Products hopes your use of the MPAS System is an enjoyable and profitable experience. 

Manufacturers or Western Blended Products (WBP) warrants its products to be of merchantable quality and suitable for the general purpose for which they were intended, when applied in accordance with WBP instructions.  Manufacturers of WBP do not warrant its products to be suitable for any purpose or use other than for which they were intended.  Liability under this warranty is limited to supplying new material without charge, or at manufacturers of WBP option, to a refund of the purchase price.  In the event of a claim under this warranty, written notice must be given to the originating plant of the WBP goods at the address shown hereon.  This limited warranty is issued and accepted in lieu of all other expressed warranties, and expressly excludes liability for consequential damages.  Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

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