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Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded Gray

A premium sanded, fast setting, fiber reinforced, cementitious coating for One-Coat & Conventional Stucco Systems

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Product Information

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Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded is designed to be an upgraded product for one coat wall systems. Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded is a cement plaster that only requires water at the jobsite. Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded may also be used over wood or gypsum backing and may be utilized for a scratch and / or brown coat application for a conventional stucco system.  It is available in a “regular” as well as a “premium” blend. This product is currently manufactured in different regions and attributes may vary. Check with your supplier for more information.  

The base coat is designed to be mixed with a fixed quantity of water (unlike traditional one coat products where the water varies due to the moisture content of the bulk sand.) By eliminating the variables of field mixing - every bag, every batch and every wall - are the best quality available in the industry.


Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded is packaged in 80 lb / 36.29 kg bags.

Features and Benefits:

  • Feature: The mix is designed to be workable with a reduced amount of water.

  • Benefit: Reduced water content increases early strength, overall strength and reduces shrinkage cracking.

  • Feature: No field batching of sand.

  • Benefit: Detrimental effects of poor sand and too much sand are eliminated.

  • Feature: Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded is blended with stucco grade aggregate in lieu of low cost-dry bulk sands.

  • Benefit: Every bag, every batch and every wall have the potential to develop maximum strength and durability.

Premium attributes (California Region):

  • Faster setting (40 min. pot time).

  • Low Shrinkage Formulation.

  • Lower pH. (<10 @ 3 Days). 

  • Compressive strengths up to 40% higher.

  • May be finished after Day 3.

  • The system may be utilized over a variety of substrates affording architects and builders design flexibility.

  • The system provides the architect and builder with a cost-effective means of providing a hard wall substrate plus higher insulation characteristics.

Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded accurately with water is critical to maximizing the benefits of the product.  
Each bag shall be mixed with no more than one and one third gallons of water.  One gallon of clean potable water shall be added to the mixer before the addition of each bag of Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded. The additional one-third gallon or 40 fluid ounces per bag may be added as the product is mixing. Mixing time in a mechanical mixer shall be two (2) to three (3) minutes per bag.  Care shall be taken when continuous batching, that each bag is allowed the minimum mixing time.


Approximately 2.75 sq. yds. / 2.3 square meters @ (3/8”) three-eighths inch 
Approximately 2 sq. yds. / 1.7 meters square meters @ (½”) one-half inch.

Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded is applied by approved applicators.  The material may be applied by hand or plaster pump.  Specific minimum thickness is required for application over various substrates.  Consult the IAPMO Evaluation Report #382 for specific details.  The minimum thickness over any substrate, when used in conjunction with the Western 1-Kote System, is three-eighths (3/8”) of an inch.

The product requires a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours moist curing.  Environmental conditions such a heat, wind and low humidity will require additional curing.

A variety of finishes such as Western Exterior Stucco, standard acrylic paint and Premium Acrylic Finish (PAF) may be applied over Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded. The recommendations of the finish coat manufacturer shall be followed regarding base coat preparation, bonding, application and curing of their product.

Do not apply when surface or ambient temperatures are at or below 40°F / 4.4°C or above 100°F / 34°C. Do not apply to surfaces that are contaminated with bond breakers, oils or other matter that may affect the performance of the product. Do not apply Premium Sanded Western 1-Kote if conditions are expected to be above or below the specified temperature range within 24 hours of application. Do not add additional ingredients to Premium Sanded Western 1-Kote without specific written approval from an authorized manufacturer of Western Blended Products.

Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded shall be kept indoors or if stored outdoors, shall be adequately covered to keep dry and be stored off the ground. 

Applicable Standards, Specifications and Codes:
2018, 2015, 2012 & 2009 International Building Code (IBC).
2018, 2015, 2012 & 2009 International Residential Code (IRC).

Additional data upon request.

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