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A fast-expanding, ultra-lightweight gypsum plaster for Special FX & Molding.

Product Information

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Gypsnow can be customized to your needs! Contact our team and let us know how you use it. We can work with you to manufacture a special version of Gypsnow just for your needs. Reach us at:

Gypsnow is a powdered gypsum plaster that expands with the addition of water.  Gypsnow is shaped by the utilization of molds and may also be carved or cut after being removed from the mold after a short drying period (about one hour.)  Gypsnow remains 'soft' and is often used for special effect props requiring physical impact. 


50 Lb / 22.68 kg per bag.



  • Ultra-lightweight.

  • Ultra soft.

  • Easily Breakable.

  • Molds to most shapes.

  • Super expansive. Reaches 50% of the initial height in less than 30 minutes.

  • Super reactive. Begins to expand in seconds.

  • Ready for carving in 1 hour.

  • It can be easily colored. Contact Western Blended Products for instructions.

  • Unique in the market.

  • Ready to use just add water.


Varies with product use.



  1. Due to the expansion of Gypsnow, the maximum recommended mix for any pour is 5 gallons.  

  2. Add 1.4 gallons (5.4 L) of water into a 5 gallon clean pail. For better results, water temperature should be 70°F.

  3. Add 14 1/4 Lbs (6.5 kg) of Gypsnow into the pail containing the water.

  4. Stir with an electrical drill for 8 seconds at 1/2 to 2/3 power

  5. Pour the mixture rapidly into a plastic lined form at approximately at 2/3 from the top of the plastic form.

  6. Remove solid mixture from the form / mold after 1 hour.

  7. Contact Western Blended Products for information regarding Gypsnow variations. Do not add any other additives without contacting Western Blended Products for approval. 


Drying / Curing:
Gypsnow must stay in the mold for 45 minutes to an hour before the product may be removed. Carving and painting may take place when the product is removed from the mold and has properly dried.

Gypsnow shall be kept indoors or if stored outdoors, shall be adequately covered to keep dry and be stored off the ground.


Export Information:

Total Pallet Weight:    
2550 LBS / 1157KG – Including pallet (Pallet weight approximately 50LBS / 22.68KG)


Sack Dimensions:      
24” / 16” / 3”
.61 meters  / .41 meters  / .08 meters
Pallet Dimensions: 
48” / 40”/ 39”​

1.22 meters / 1.02 meters / .99 meters

Cubic Dimension:
43.33 FT / 1.28M​

Pallet Setup:

4-Way Pallet: US$15.00
Treated Pallet: US$35.00

Shipping Class: 60

Please contact WBP for International Will Call Setups.

Manufacturers of Western Blended Products (WBP) warrant its products to be of merchantable quality and suitable for the general purpose for which they were intended, when applied in accordance with WBP instructions.  Manufacturers of WBP do not warrant its products to be suitable for any purpose or use other than for which they were intended.  Liability under this warranty is limited to supplying new material without charge, or at manufacturers of WBP option, to a refund of the purchase price.  In the event of a claim under this warranty, written notice must be given to the originating plant of the WBP goods at the address shown hereon.  This limited warranty is issued and accepted in lieu of all other expressed warranties, and expressly excludes liability for consequential damages.  Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.


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